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Your dentist’s primary role is to take care of you, not assume responsibilities that belong to your insurer.

As a courtesy, your dental insurance forms are free and are sent electronically (over the Internet). In most cases, the amount of your coverage is available immediately. All you have to pay is the deductible and the non-insured portion.

Insurance forms that cannot be sent electronically are completed free of charge and will be given to you in person. You will have to send them to your insurance company and pay the total fees owing to the dentist. Treatment plans and estimates for different treatments are also prepared free of charge.


You wish you could have a more pleasant, healthier and brighter smile, and keep it for awhile? Did you know that you could invest in your smile, just as you would for purchasing furniture or a car, simply by spreading your payment over several months? You would be amazed if you knew how close you were to making that dream smile become reality!


Payment method : Visa-Mastercard-interac and cash.